Writing Camps

For labels, publishers, sync companies or independent artists looking to level up their sound, Just for the Record is the place to host your song writing camp. See more below about the unmatched music writing camps offered at Just for the Record.

Keeping Individual Music in Mind

Rather than being a one-size-fits-all composition experience, Just For the Record’s boutique studio complex offers a personalizable song writing camp feel. With advice from experts and room to explore musical ideas, our music writing camp option allows for recording, mixing, editing, and production, along with all the equipment, space, and inspiration needed to craft unforgettable beats and lyrics.

Focusing In On Your Sound

Here at Just For the Record, we focus on every other aspect so camp participants can focus on their sound and leave the rest to us. Our talented team, our amazing amenities, and our quality sound studios offer the best experience for recording and writing. 

Camp participants have access to our variety of instruments, in-house microphones, and other gear we provide. Amenities include complimentary room service for snacks and drinks in every studio 24/7, a comfortable lounge, an outdoor patio area, and more. With plenty of space to get inspired, some great hits are bound to come out of this writing camp experience at JFTR.

Schedule Your Writing Experience

However you want a song writing camp to look, we can make it happen. Please reach out to us to schedule and create your writing experience in tandem with our team. We can give suggestions based on previous successful events we’ve hosted in our studio space at JFTR, or we can match the vision you have for the music writing camp you want.