Elevating the Art of Sound Recording

At JFTR, we believe in not just offering a recording service but delivering a wholesome, premium experience. We harmonize superior acoustics with world-class equipment and monitoring systems, ensuring that what you hear is what you get. Our standards are on par with any Hollywood recording studio, aimed to surpass your expectations.

Recording Spaces Tailored for Excellence

Our facility is hosting five distinct rooms, each designed to acoustic perfection by acoustic architect Jochen Veith, augmented with all the necessary amenities. Our recording studios come equipped with high-end gear and services, detailed below.

Equipment for creating intuitively

At JFTR, we furnish our recording studios with cutting-edge equipment, including PMC MB3-XBD speakers, and much more. One of our notable specialties is the Dolby Atmos studio. Superior recording begins with superior-quality room acoustics and equipment. Our inventory of plugins and gear is exhaustive and ever-expanding, tailored to cater to your evolving needs. Each room boasts of high-end equipment, and we’re more than happy to address any queries you might have.

Services Tailored to Your Convenience

Our recording experience is rooted in service orientation. We’re here to cater to our esteemed recording artists and guests. Our services range from providing convenient parking to freshly brewed coffee, snacks and drinks, covering every detail. With a dedicated assistant engineer and a runner for each recording studio, we ensure your needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus solely on creating art.

Experience the JFTR Difference

If you’re ready to step into a world of creating without barriers, connect with our team. We offer a variety of packages, inclusive of pre-booking tours, ensuring the best fit for your recording needs. Experience the world of sound as it should be, with JFTR.