Dolby Atmos Mixing

Dolby Atmos offers a clear, detailed immersive sound experience you can feel all around you. For serious musicians and producers, this is the way of the future. Enjoy the depth of clarity in our Dolby Atmos Studio.

Mixing in Dolby Atmos

Offering intuitive surround sound, Dolby Atmos allows creators to place sounds exactly where they want them, creating the immersive and spatial audio experience we all want. Everything sounds better with Dolby Atmos.

If you haven’t heard the difference yet, we recommend that you try a Dolby Atmos demo. You can choose from a range of songs to both hear and see what an impact this format can make on your music and listening experience.

Here at JFTR, we offer Dolby Atmos mixing as one of our five-star studio experience options. You can secure a Dolby Atmos studio to level up your sound into the immersive space. Some of the records that were worked on in this studio include Billie Eilish: Live At The O2, Taylor Swift: Lavender Haze (Acoustic Version), Avatar: The Way of Water, Boney James: Detour, and more.

Dive Into Sound Reimagined in An Atmos Studio

The Dolby Atmos experience requires two parts: entertainment created in Dolby Atmos and a device that can playback content in Dolby Atmos. We provide both in our Atmos Studio here at JFTR.

Our Dolby Atmos studio is available for booking today, so don’t delay participating in this sound revolution experience. Even four hours can make an amazing difference to your music. If you don’t have experience in an Atmos studio, don’t hold back! Our talented team can be a support for you in mixing in Dolby Atmos. Talk with our staff today to book your Atmos experience.